Thursday, February 25, 2010

Proton Satria Neo S2000, images, video and technical specification

The first images have recently been revealed by MEM of the finished Proton super 2000. The car was expected to have been homologated on the 1st August and to commence testing immediately. No plans have been revealed yet as to possible programmes but it is widely anticipated the car will compete on the BRC and IRC at least and will make it's competitive debut in October.
Technical Specification
  • 3, 4 or 5-door models with length over 3900mm
  • Generic 4X4 transmission without active differential from Sadev or Xtrac
  • 2.0 liter normally aspirated engine from either a base engine used in any model from the manufacturer, or a engine licensed from another manufacturer with 2,500 units minimum production per year
  • Engine must comply to BTCC/ETC specs with 8,500rpm rev limit
  • Minimum weight - 1100kg tarmac, 1150kg gravel
  • Maximum bodywork and wheel arch extension width 1800mm
The MEM Satria Neo S2000 complies to these specifications, measuring 3905mm long, 1800mm wide with a 2440mm wheelbase and a weight of 1150kg. Its chassis is based on the road-going Neo and has been strengthened to comply with FIA regulations and the components of a S2000 rally car. It is fitted with a rollcage built from 35 meters of Chrome-Moly Steel Tubing.
Its 4-cylinder 1998cc DOHC normally aspirated engine is based on the 1.8 litre Renault engine in the Waja. It produces 280hp at 7,800rpm and a massive 271Nm of torque at 7,000rpm, and is installed transversely at the front of the car. This engine is mated to an Xtrac 6-speed sequential transmission with Alcon clutch and 3 player LSD.
Brakes are also from Alcon, with 300mm discs with 4 piston calipers at the front and 300mm discs at the rear on gravel. For asphalt, the front brake discs are uprated to 350mm. Wheels are 18 inch alloys for tarmac and 15 inch alloys for gravel. The car’s electronics system runs on the GEMS Multiplex System with Power Management, Data Logging and a Glass Dash Display.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Clubsport Neo

Front bumper with spiltter

Cool lowered thanks to full set of adjustable system

R3 clubsport ( better if change to satria neo RS )

Safety purpose 

Full set of roll cage with bare floorpan, driver recaro seat, momo steering wheel..

Killer switch

Stiffened engine mounting

Fully set up suspension

R3 Badge

Monday, February 8, 2010

W9 Engine

Thomas Johansson has been working toward a Master of Science degree in Engineering at the Lulea University of Technology in Sweden. Looking for an appropriate project for his thesis he decided to design and build a complete internal combustion engine from scratch to run on E85. Of course, he didn’t just build an inline 4 or V8 or anything so mundane, instead, he chose a W9 design, a nine cylinder engine with three banks of 3 cylinders each. After lots of CAD work and finite element analysis, the engine was made real. From first sketch to complete engine required 13 months.
The engine is aimed at installation in a mid engined sports car where the compact dimensions and low center of gravity are advantageous. The power output is 526 hp (est) at 10,700 rpm, torque 280 foot pounds (est) at 7200 rpm and the engine is dimensioned to allow installation of a tri-turbo for a projected output of 1005 horsepower! The engine displaces 182 cubic inches and weighs 262 pounds complete with exhaust, … very impressive.
If development proceeds and these numbers can be realized, this would be a wonderful engine for many applications. The size and weight make this perfect for high performance use in any number of small cars. His Masters thesis can be downloaded where he explains the thinking behind this project and you can see the in progress images of the build at Atom Racing. Nice work!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Some very sad news out of Japan today. Veteran D1 driver Atsushi Kuroi has passed away after injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. Kuroi was popular not just in Japan, but in all the countries where he drove. Anyone who's seen him drive knows the kind of talent this man had behind the wheel of his Nissan One-Via. Besides being known as a great driver, he also made a name for himself with his River Side tuning shop in the Osaka area.


I often pass by Jon Sibal's blog and it never ceases to amaze me how he finds the time, in between his comic book work to create his artwork. I wish I could steal a few of his hours each day. I can’t remember when I was able to finish up a render to his standard, away from usual day-to-day stuff.
So, back in November, I hit on a great idea. Why don’t I create a GTR version of the new McLaren MP4-12C complete with some of the classic liveries I designed way back 15 years ago. I started sketching (I’m old school!) and developing some ideas and then passed by John’s Blog…..
teaser image showed a piece of a car windscreen with a race bay reflection. I knew exactly what John was up to because I had the same image from McLaren, by my side….
Just a month later, John has managed to produce a whole collection of M4-12 GTR’s with a number of liveries. They are awesome and had to share with fellow Speedhunters. Hop over to John’s blog to see the other liveries.
Awesome work!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Mitsubishi Evolution 9 GT Short Wheel Base

Power: 950bhp & 700lb-ft  with 9250rpm rev limit
Weight 1180Kg (Dry) 
Top speed: 215mph + (201.43mph so far )
Best 0-60mph = 2.4 sec
Best 0-100mph = 4.3 sec
Best 0-150mph = 8.00 sec
¼ mile in 9.26 sec @160.09mph on 17" Nitto 555R tyres.
Best 30-130mph = 5.06 sec
(All times recorded at Santa Pod drag strip )

ND 2.24L long rod high deck engine mounted longitudinally, ND version 4 big valve cylinder head, ND solid profile camshafts, ND solid lifters, HKS vernier cam pulleys, GT4294R turbocharger, Single Tial 44mm external wastegate, Shearer custom exhaust manifold, ND custom 5” turbo inlt pipe, 1100hp K&N air filter,  ND modified DI inlet manifold, Audi RS6 DBW throttle body, ND 9 litre high volume sump, ND accusump system (motec controlled), ND custom breather system, 3.5” silenced side exit exhaust system or 4” straight through side exit exhaust system.

ND aluminium high volume custom radiator, twin 11” fans kit, ND pressurised header tank water system with Statnt 1.5 bar cap, Ralliart thermostat, ND 1260Hp rated intercooler, ND custom 3.5” intercooler pipework, ND 25 row oil cooler kit.

4 x std 560cc injectors, 4x 1200cc ND injectors, SARD dash 8 large fuel regulator, DI 8 injector fuel rail, ND custom aluminium low level fuel tank, twin bosch 044 in tank fuel pumps, pre and post filters, Twin dash 8 fuel feed lines with single Dash 8 return.

ND 5 Bar map sensor, Motec M800 bold box, ND full CDi system with coil on plug top plate, ND custom engine and full chassis loom, Armtech battery isolater system, Electronic fire extinguisher system, small race battery, Motec shift light module.

Holinger RD6-S 6 speed sequential transmission, Sfi approved thick wall custom drag bellhousing, ND weighted gear shift knob, ND triple plate clutch, Holinger digital gear indicator, Fully selectable split 4WD system, Skyline GTR transfer box, Skyline GTR modified front diff unit, Skyline GTR rear diff unit, Carbonetic carbon front and rear 1.5 way diffs, Custom driveshafts all round, custom front prop, custom rear prop, ND big rear wheel bearing modification.

AST 3 way suspension system, ND custom front anti roll bar and arms, ND custom lower front suspension subframe to facilitate longitudinal engine position, Custom bulkhead mounted further back, Custom transmission tunnel with removable aluminium section for easy access, Cusco rear anti roll bar, ND custom 2.2 turns lock to lock lightweight steering rack, DC electronics  electric power steering system, polybushes throughout, Hyper Zero 9.5” x 18” wheels (Dry), 285/35/18 Toyo R888 tyres (Dry), Volk CE28-N 9.5” x 18” wheels (wet), 265/35/18 Cut Toyo R888 tyres (Wet), Full vehicle air jack lifting system.

Brembo 8 pot metal matrix front callipers, 343mm Alcon front discs and bells, PF01 front brake pads, Brembo 8 pot metal matrix rear callipers, 325mm custom rear brake discs and bells, DS4000 rear brake pads, Tilton bulkhead mounted race pedal box, Billet hydraulic handbrake, Dash 4 brake lines, Castrol SRF race fluid, electronic line lock (steering wheel operated), Tilton brake bias valve.

Unique 2dr short wheel base shell (10” shorter), 3” roof chop, Tubbed front and rear arches for wheel clearance, Load bearing T45 full roll cage, Voltex Cyber Evo front bumper, full carbon undertray, canards and oil cooler guide, E9 MR front “black” lights, Carbon wide front wings, clear side repeaters, custom carbon bonnet with bulge for engine clearance, ND custom shortened C west side skirts, Carbon wing mirrors, ND custom carbon roof skin, wide steel rear arches, Carbon bootlid, Voltex Cyber Evo rear high level GT spoiler, ND custom rear diffuser integrated into std E9 rear bumper, Drag Simpson parachute and mounting, Kawasaki three stage pearl Green paint scheme, lexan side and rear windows, custom glass front windscreen, ND single wiper conversion.

ND custom dashboard, HKS 2.5 bar Boost gauge, HKS oil pressure gauge, 4WD pressure gauge, Stack race dash,  Recaro Profi SP-A carbon kevlar seats, Sabelt HANS ready 5 point harness’s, ND custom carbon door cards, ND custom carbon fuel tank cover, Carbon ¾ panels, carbon boot floor panels, carbon boot side panels, Race steering wheel.